Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It’s nice that Simon Barker finally realizes what made New African so different from the so-called ‘Free presses’ of the Western world. Unfortunately, Simon, by his parroting the alleged ‘human rights’ violations of President Mugabe failed to grasp what the real issues are. The fact of the matter is that Africans have absolutely no lessons to learn about ‘Human Right’ from Europeans.

European history is so thoroughly drowned in the blood of non-Europeans; the crimes and violations of Europe against non-Europeans is so vast that the only thing Europeans like Simon Baker can do is to simply shut up and stop their nonsensical cacophonies.

What on earth do I have to learn from the Simon Baker’s of this world, whose grand-parents probably owned some African slaves who were routinely physically, mentally, psychologically, and (yes,) sexually violated, and whose parents were probably colonialists making my land save for the inhabitant of that Island of iniquities from whence he penned his missives?

It’s galling to hear and see Europeans (including their cousins in Australia and the USA) assuming the high moral grounds and start pontificating to us about human rights when about the only thing they have done in their entire rubbishy history is to kill human beings wherever they went. No, we are not talking some ancient histories here; how about Afghanistan and Iraq where daily an average of 100+ lives are being wasted so that White people can continue to steal Iraq’s oil? And let’s not forget that whenever it suits them, the White nations have supported the most wretched regimes the world have seen – Mobutu, Pinochet, Diem, Marcos, Ian Smith and the apartheid regimes in South Africa, to name just a few.

Europe crimes is so colossal that we the children of her vast crimes are OBLIGATED NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, to allow the children/beneficiaries, of her gigantic crimes to stake out any moral ground. We owe it to ourselves and also to posterity to keep reminding all the Simon Bakers out there they have absolutely no locu/moral standi to condemn anyone without condemning themselves first.

Pray, am I, a true born African expected to accept an American official, who probably live in a Sundown town (where black people are not allowed after sundown), whose grandparents probably owned some slaves, whose parents (and probably himself) were lynching black people until recent years, protestations about some alleged human rights violations in Zimbabwe? Give me decent break, please!

And we might ask Simon Baker if President Mugabe is more odious than Ian Smith or Vorster or Botha, and why the white racists running the USA never slap a sanction on the criminal regimes of those stiff-necked racists?

Simon Barker, please go read up on your history before you take it upon yourself to condemn some alleged shortcomings in Zimbabwe. I boil with rage when I hear or see a European making sanctimonious claims about fighting for other people’s rights. The only thing they ever do in their wretched history is to wrap their selfish interests in humanitarian haloes. Let no one continue to try to fool us; the only crime Mugabe committed was to try to right some of the colonial injustices in his land. We refused to be fooled!

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