Monday, June 14, 2010

Israel - a bastard behaving true to form

I am not a gambling type but I recently won a bet with a friend. I correctly predicted that the illegitimately sired Zionist state of Israel would behave stupidly in its confrontation with the Freedom Flotilla attempting to break the illegal siege of Gaza, the tiny strip of land where Israel has consigned 1.5 million Palestinians.

It was a no brainer and I won very easily. No money changed hands and it gave me little joy that my prediction came at the loss of nine innocent lives.

In knotty circumstances, Africans reach for proverbs. It is my Yoruba people who say that Eefin ni iwa. It means that character is like a smoke; it can never be hidden. It was the knowledge of this proverb that informed my prediction.

We can pretend all we want, but our true character will eventually reveal itself.

The Zionists have a well-oiled propaganda machine and a very powerful Jewish Lobby to sell the rotten illegalities they are committing against the Palestinian people; gradually their crimes against humanity are being unveiled.

Another potent Yoruba saying is: Ti ile ba toro, omo ale ibe o ti dagba ni. It means that if there is tranquility in the house, it is only because the bastard there hasn't grown up.

The bastard the West sired in the Levant has grown up and it is behaving true to form.

Cheered on by their supporters in the West, mostly in the U.S., the Zionists waged a ferocious war against the democratically-elected (everyone seem to have forgotten that) Hamas-led government. Operation Cast Iron killed 1,400 Palestinians and maimed thousands more. It destroyed the little infrastructure the colonized Palestinians need to sustain a semblance of life. That was some eighteen months ago.

Not sated by the vicious bloodletting, the Zionists imposed a blockade on the occupied people. Palestinians have been groaning under this cruel occupation with the "international community" concerning itself with issuing its ritualistic useless condemnations and engaging in its unending "Peace Process."

The lack of seriousness about bringing peace to the region is best emphasized by the fact that a criminal warmonger like Tony Blair was put in charge -- adorned with the moniker of a "Peace Envoy."

How much more cynical can one get?


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sinaisix said...

Well, I could not put so well. The whole world looks the other way when grave crimes against not just humanity but the entire Universe are being perpetuated against innocent people.

That is the sole reason why I don't have any faith in any of those silly nomenclature that is being thrown around about how grave the crimes of Gadaffi are. Yes he's 'evil' but his ills pale in comparison to what the whole world is heaping on Gaza.

Wise saying:

" Never use both feet to test the depth of the sea." - African proverb