Thursday, September 9, 2010

Na Degree We go Chop?

I am talking about those Super Chickens that keep calling themselves Super Eagles. Those blasted, bloated, over-rated, egocentric, perennial non-achievers who continue to parade tired limbs and continue to disgrace themselves and their country.

Oh, you're talking about football!

Of course, I am talking about football. What, otherwise, did you think I was talking about?

Oh, I didn't not know that you were such a passionate football fan...

Fan? I am a member of the team that did the nation proud at the just concluded Mundial Fiesta in Germany. Contrary to all expectations, we went all the way to the finals. And, my brother, I tell you but for a combination of factors like racial prejudice, the Nigerian factor, poor officiating, pathetic preparation, and inadequate support we'd have easily lifted the cup. And all for what, we were promised a measly scholarship. The president was not even able to come and welcome us.

But he sent his wife and a host of government officials.

Same difference! Do you think he'd have deigned to so ignore the so-called Super Eagles even if they had managed to get through the qualifying stage?

I cannot read his mind.

And do you know how much those boys would have collected even if they had managed to get the fourth position?

I won't know. Times are lean; even governments are complaining.

Governments are complaining...which government are you talking about?


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