Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hypocrisy As Way Of Life!

We refuse to be, what you want us to be
We are what we are, that is the way it is going to be, you don't know
You cannot educate I, for there's no equal opportunity
Talking about my freedom, people freedom and liberty
Yeah, we have been trodden on your wine press much too long, rebel, rebel, (2x)
Babylon system is the vampire,
Sucking the children day by day, yeah
Me say the Babylon system is the vampire
Sucking the blood of the sufferer
Building church and university, oh, yeah
Deceiving the people continually
Me say dem graduating thieves and murderers
Look out now
They sucking the blood of the sufferer
Tell the children the truth (2x)

—Bob Marley, from the album SURVIVAL.

One of the definitions of hypocrisy is "feigned high principles: the false claim to or pretense of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings."

Churchill, whom the English sometime ago voted the greatest Englishman ever, once said: "[The English] are not a young people with an innocent record and a scanty inheritance. We have engrossed to ourselves... an altogether disproportionate share of the wealth and traffic of the world. We have got all we want in territory, and our claim to be left in the unmolested enjoyment of vast and splendid possessions, mainly acquired by violence, largely maintained by force, often seems less reasonable to others than to us."

The effrontery of Westerners to assume the high moral ground is always baffling, at least to yours truly. Take any happening anywhere in the world and you see Western political leaders, intellectuals -- supported by their sycophantic corporate media, spewing absolute nonsense. They are fast, very fast to condemn a so-called repression in China, so-called human rights violations in Iran, and the supposed shortcomings of the rulers of Sudan. Yet, they never see the shortcomings in their own societies.

Just take a look at them: every Western nation is, literally, armed to the teeth. Their leader, Uncle Sam, spends about half its budget on its Pentagon, and it's bristling with every form of weaponry known and unknown to man. Every form of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons is to be found in the arsenals of these Western nations.

Yet, let any non-white nation attempt to invest in some weapon system, and we see Westerners hollering "danger," "danger." They, of course, would deny that their action stinks of rank racism. Maybe they should tell us why the nuclear weapons built by the white rulers of South Africa were withdrawn when power was to be handed over to the black rulers.

It is said that the guillotiner does not like the sight of a machete wielder; how apropos! To the diseased minds of Western leaders/scholars, the rest of the world is waiting for the opportunity to pay the Western man back in his own bad coin. It never occurred to them that all we, in the non-Western world, want is simply to be left alone to manage our own affairs as we deem fit, without interference or molestation from any nosy imperialist.

We have to question what exactly is wrong with the imperialist wolves in the West that made them believe that they have every right to defend themselves, whilst denying others the right to do the same thing. Why do leaders of Britain (I see nothing Great there except duplicitous chicaneries) think that they are entitled to have a so-called independent (major components are supplied by Uncle Sam) nuclear deterrent, whilst the Iranians are to be denied the same? What manner of thinking informed the president of the United States of America to deny the North Koreans the right to nuclear weapons whilst US forces are parading vast quantities of the same weapons?

These are legitimate questions that should excite the mind of any fair-minded person who believes in the equitable application of international law and justice. It certainly will be very heart warming if someone can help out with some answers -- not that I am holding my breath!

Why should I, in my little patch of Africa, be afraid of Iran or North Korea? For crying out loud, Koreans have never colonized my land, they have never aggressed any part of my beloved Africa, and they have never enslaved Africans. Iran has never toppled a government in Africa and installed a puppet to guarantee the continual rape of African resources whilst despoiling the African environment in the process. Neither Iran nor North Korean is sending modern-day missionaries to my land to peddle the gospel of crass materialism, sexual aberrancy, pedophilia, and pederasty. Yet, the heirs of slave-masters and colonialists are telling me that Iran and North Korea present a clear and present danger and they expect me to take them seriously. It is difficult to imagine what the imperialists take us for, really. Do they still believe that we did not read up on our history and know all about the atrocities they have committed (and continue to commit) in our land in the name of "civilisation," "democracy," "human rights," etcetera, etcetera?

The imperialist West remains the only place today where people still arrogate to themselves the right to go around the world raping, killing and destroying human lives. The Chinese are not doing it; neither are the Russians nor the Indians. I shall be grateful if someone can educate me on the last time Iran or North Korea invaded another country. No one else except the champions of human rights in the West goes around the world sending drones to kill innocent people or bombing whole villages to kingdom come. No one else but the sanctimonious West is killing vast numbers of HUMAN BEINGS in the name of an ill-defined, utterly mindless War on Terror.

In any dispute they have with the rest of us, Westerners always arrogate to themselves the right to be the accuser, the prosecutor, the judge, and the enforcer. They accused their former stooge, Saddam Hussein, of every crime known to man. They slapped sanctions that reduced Iraq to pure rubbish. Yet, they were not satisfied until they finally invaded the country, deposed their former quisling, and had their new stooges hang him. Yet, it never occurred to these imperialists with their Ivy League universities, their oxymoronic intelligence outfits, and their numerous think tanks why Iranians are not rolling over to be thrashed and raped like their neighbors in Iraq.



ilona@israel said...

i serriously think that as soon as iran will get nuclear weapons it will be beggining of the end. everybody will loose. extremists who are ready to dye for the idea, who promissed to wipe israel from the map and who is pray for usa to dissapear. and its not a joke.

Rommel said...

Femi , really impressed with your beautiful writing and sensible viewpoints. Can't wait to view your latest posts.
Keep up the good work brother..we need you more than ever...greetings from far away

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