Saturday, December 26, 2009

Understanding Amerikkka

What exactly is agitating you guys? Why are you so worked up over the president? The man has spent just nine months in power and he inherited a very big mess and to those of us outside, he's doing a terrific job trying to fix the problems. Why are you guys so against him?

That's the problem with all you lily-livered Bolshevik bastards out there. This is the U S of A. This is America and we do things properly here.

Like calling for the head of your head of state?

Like whatever. Our hallowed Constitution, the best in the world, guaranteed us the right to speak our minds on any subject under the sun and beyond. I guess it is the kind of luxury you Leninist bloc-heads out there are not used to.

We are not exactly Leninists in this part of the world. The high technicalities of Mr. Lenin's and Mr. Marx's propositions are way, way too sophisticated for our peasant minds. We just cannot understand why you people are so furious because your president wants to extend health insurance coverage to the less priviledge in your country. Didn't the Christian Holy Book say that you should help the weak if you're strong? Why should extending help to impecunious citizens be considered high treason?

Because you don't live here, mister. This is the U S of A! Americans do not want government in their lives and certainly not inside their houses. Goddamn it! This is a very simple thing to understand except to hardcore Marxists and Islamo-fascists. The business of health coverage is for each individual to decide. Don't forget this is the greatest country in the world, and our way of life is second to none. That's why we are the envy of the world.

I wonder how you came to that conclusion. I won't agree that the rest of the world finds your particular system that attractive. Let's leave that aside, though. The rest of us out here who believed your president's election slogan of "Change we can believe in" now think that he has sold out to the corporate interests that rule America; but here you are telling us that he is a cross between Malcolm X and Karl Marx. How do you square that?

We do not need to square off anything, mister. We Americans are rugged individuals. Our hallmark is our individualistic spirit to venture and build our own prosperity according to our native abilities. We take exception to an all-knowing president telling us how to organise mundane things like organising insurance and stuff. We are no fools and we are no simpletons. That's what we are trying to tell the world and the usurper at our White House.

What about those who cannot get insurance for themselves simply because they cannot afford it? Should they be allowed to die?

Everyone born into this world shall surely die. You are bound to die whether or not you have health insurance coverage. What I strongly object to is for a president to think that he has the right to use my tax dollars to give insurance to some undocumented aliens.

Aliens as in extraterrestrial?

No, aliens as in non-citizens. Why should I pay to give insurance to some Mexican who lives here illegally?

But the president says that his plan will not cover illegal immigrants.

Since when do you believe what politicians tell you?

So you have no faith in your government?

I have faith in my government as long as no one gives oneself the right to spend my tax dollars without my consent.

But what we outside the USA simply cannot fathom is that your government spent trillions of dollars to bail out insolvent banks without your consent and without much protestation from you. The money was given to rich corporations and individuals who simply went ahead and awarded themselves fantastic bonuses. How come you find it so irksome that the spending of a few billion dollars to give insurance coverage to your poor citizens constitutes an affront to your constitutional rights?


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