Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Understanding Nigerians

Do you know what?

What, my friend?

Nigeria is the most misunderstood country in the world and Nigerians the most misinterpreted people on earth.

Ah, my friend, are we not exaggerating here?

No, my friend; Nigeria is the most undeservedly abused, the most pathologically hated, the most improperly maltreated, the most unjustifiably misunderstood, the most irrationally...

Easy, easy, take it easy. I get the picture, but why all this big grammar?

Just look at the facts...

Facts, where are they?

Do you know what Winston Churchill said?

My friend, what type of question is that? Churchill was a wordsmith and the question ought to be what Churchill didn't say. Did he say something about Nigeria?

Not exactly, but the quote is very relevant here. He said that the Soviet Union was an enigmatic puzzle wrapped in mystery, or something to that effect. I think that the man meant Nigeria. Nigeria surely comes close to that description.


Yes, really!

And don't you think that Nigerians deserve some of the opprobrium being thrown at them? All that everyone knows is that yours is a country where only very bad news emanates. When it is not soldiers taking over the reins of government, it's your 419 scammers stealing money from innocent people. Your youth are notorious for kidnapping expatriates and setting fires to oil wells. And we know how you people are prepared to cut throats during your not so infrequent religious riots. And your elections are always so fraudulent that it leaves everyone reeling. You certainly cannot blame anyone for that, can you?


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